Eliminating bad ads and optimizing revenue for through better ad intelligence

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Why Ad Lightning?

Protect your customers and your brand with Ad Lightning's suite of Ad Quality tools

Ad Lightning is the first business intelligence tool designed to give users the insight and control they need to monitor programmatic creative, eliminate bad ads and maximize ROI.

Programmatic buying has changed how Publishers do business. While automation has improved yield and efficiency, the nature of audience targeting often blinds Publishers & Exchanges to the full range of ads being shown to their audience. Publishers are exposed to ad quality risks and latency issues that without oversight, decrease engagement, drive ad block installs and significantly jeopardize revenue.

Increase Transparency

Ad Lightning gives you instant visibility and control over the ads running on your site. Our tools provide real-time data including CPU usage, ad file size, media type (audio/video/flash), tracking pixels, creative ID, waterfall and demand source.

Protect Your Brand & Maximize ROI

A poor user experience puts your brand at risk and decreases customer engagement. Ad Lightning’s proprietary methodology protects your site from unwanted creative allowing you to maximize page views and increase revenue.

Improve Efficiency

Get started quickly and eliminate the headache of tracking down harmful creative and reporting it to your demand partners. Ad Lightning's solution requires no code integration and fits into your team's existing workflow.

How it Works

Ad Lightning's proprietary technology watches your site, profiling ads for speed, size, demand source and overall impact on your user experience.

Our customizable scoring methodology assesses the overall quality of the ads and highlights performance, spec, engagement, tracker and latency issues caused by your advertisements. Detailed, ad level data indicates what ads should be removed and automatically communicates the information to your network partners.



Comprehensive, real-time data gives you the insight you need to optimize demand partners, eliminate bad ads, decrease load times and maximize revenue.


Don't let ad monetization jeopardize your customer's buying experience. Maximize transactions by removing bad ads, speeding up page load and improving customer satisfaction.

Ad Platforms

Pre-qualify creative and build trust with your Publisher partners. Easily run scans to ensure ads aren't negatively impacting publisher performance or provide white labeled solutions that provide additional visibility to your partners.